A platform for registering and documenting accounts of employees of Saudi Oger Ltd. to complete data and submit missing documents

Dear employee

  • This platform aims to complete the obtainment of data and documents related to the claims of employees of Saudi Oger Ltd. in a reliable manner.

  • In the event that you have a claim previously submitted to the liquidation trustees of Saudi Oger Ltd. through your agent or on behalf of yourselves, you must initiate registration on this platform to complete the submission of missing data and documents immediately, noting that failure to register on the platform and your submission of missing data and documents before 31 January 2023, may result in the formal rejection of your claim, bearing in mind that this platform is intended only for employees who have previously submitted claims.

  • In the event that you were a former employee of Saudi Oger Ltd., and you had not previously submitted a claim to the liquidation trustees, you can submit this claim via the email designated for claims, which is [email protected].

  • For more information about the steps to register and activate employee accounts, you can log in and read the instructions by clicking on the login instructions link for the electronic platform.

  • If you are an employee with a claim number issued by the Trustees and have difficulty registering? You can communicate via the technical support e-mail [email protected], knowing that this e-mail is limited to receiving inquiries and technical problems related to the platform, and in the event of other inquiries, you can communicate directly with the unified number for creditors’ affairs 920018805.

  • Each employee must initiate registration in the Ehqaq platform, complete the procedures for activating and authenticating the account, and completing the submission of the required data and documents, in order to obtain feedback on the submitted claims and avoid the possibility of their rejection, according to the following steps:

  • Log in to the platform's main page, then choose to register a new account, then follow the steps.

  • After successful registration, you will be able to log in to the platform and enter your username and password, where you will see the data form that you need to fill out.

  • You must complete the form, fill in the required data, and attach the correct attachments accurately, so that this procedure does not result in the rejection of your claim or delay in accepting it.

  • After filling out the form and if you are a Saudi citizen or you have an active account in the Absher government platform, when submitting the application, you must enter the activation code number sent to the mobile number linked to your ID number in the Absher government platform, and if you are residing outside the Kingdom and do not have an account Active in the Absher government platform, you will be asked to attach a video documenting your identity in addition to your photo with a white background, then you will be asked when submitting the application to enter the activation code number sent to the entered mobile number starting at registration.

  • After submitting the application, it will be registered on the platform and under review, and it will be approved electronically or rejected in the event that there are observations on the data or documents submitted, or in the event of failure of documentation, and the employee will be allowed to submit another application after reviewing the observations - if any.

  • The purpose of the platform

    The Ehfaq platform offers various electronic solutions to bankruptcy trustees. This platform aims to communicate with employees of Saudi Oger Ltd. who have claims against the company to obtain data and documents that are not available with the agents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question. Who is the employee who can activate and verify his account?

    Answer. Every employee who has previously submitted a claim to the liquidation trustees will be able to register and complete the required data on the platform.

    Question. Can I assign an agent to do this task on my behalf?

    Answer. The platform does not currently provide power of attorney services to complete missing data, information and documents in claims submitted by employees, as the platform aims to communicate directly with employees to obtain some data, information and documents for employees that are required according to the bankruptcy law, given that most of the claims submitted by agents or others did not include Some important data or documents about the employee.

    Question. I do not have a claim, can I register on the platform?

    The employee who does not have a claim cannot register on the platform, the employee can submit his claim via e-mail [email protected].

    Question. I am currently outside Saudi Arabia and I do not have an account on the Absher government platform. Can I register on the platform and provide the required data?

    Answer. The employee can register and complete the required data on the platform even if he resides outside the Kingdom, but he will be asked to document his identity by recording a short video clip for the purpose of identity verification according to the instructions in the form.

    Question. What will I benefit from activating and verifying my account on the platform?

    Answer. Failure to register and submit the required data on the platform may result in the rejection of the employee's claim against the company, and thus depriving him of the rights he is claiming.

    Question. When was the list of claims approved by the court? How can I view it?

    Answer. The list of claims has already been submitted, on which formal notes were received due to deficiencies in the employees' data and documents that are not available to the agentQuestion. All employees will be notified as soon as the list of claims is approved by the Commercial Court.

    Question. When will the registration deadline end and complete the missing data?

    Answer. The deadline will be 30 days from the date of notification of the agent to the employee or from the date of notification of the embassies affiliated with the countries of employees from outside the Kingdom, and the deadline may be extended if necessary.

    Question. What is the expected date for starting payments to employees?

    Answer. The timing of employees' repayment will depend on the completion of the verification procedures, the study of the claim, and the adjudication of some issues related to the assets of the bankruptcy.