The Platform for registering and documenting the creditors’ bank accounts - Saad Company for Trading, Contracting and Financial Services and Maan Abdul Wahed Al-Sanea - to complete the data related to the liquidation procedure.

Dear Creditor

  • This platform aims to complete and gather the data and documents related to the claims of the creditors of Saad Trading, Contracting and Financial Services Company (STCSFC) and the creditors of Maan Abdul Wahed Al-Sanea in a reliable manner.

  • In case you have an accepted claim, either partially or fully against STCSFC, or Maan Abdul Wahed Al-Sanea, you should register on the platform and submit your banking information. It is important to note that in case of non-registration in the platform or submitting the required documents after 30 Auguts 2023, it may result in a delay in settling your claim.

  • For more information about the steps of registration and activation of accounts, you need to log in and read the instructions by clicking on the link “the login instructions for the electronic platform”.

  • If you are an accepted creditor and have a claim number issued by the Trustee, but you have difficulties in the registration, you can contact the technical support via ([email protected]). This email is limited to receiving inquiries and technical issues related to the platform. If you have other inquiries, you can contact the Trustee at ([email protected]).

  • Each creditor should register on the Ehqaq platform and complete the submission of the required information and documents to update the creditor's file. This will assist us in making smooth payments. To register, please follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the main platform page, then choose to register a new account, then follow the steps.

  • After successful registration, you will be able to log in to the platform and enter your username and password, along with the creditor ID number, where you will see the data form required to be filled out.

  • You must complete the form, fill out the required information and attach the correct documents so that this procedure does not result in suspending or delaying the payment of your claim.

  • After filling out the form, and if you have an active account in the Absher) the Government Platform), according to the applicant’s capacity, when submitting the application, you must enter the activation code number sent to your registered mobile which is linked to your ID number on the Absher. If you are residing outside the Kingdom (individual creditors who are under workers category only) and do not have an active account in the Absher, then you will be required to attach a video proving your identity along with your photo with a white background, then you will be asked when submit the application to enter the activation code number sent to the mobile number entered at the time of registration.

    After submitting the application, it will be registered on the platform and will be reviewed by our team. Then it will be approved or rejected electronically based on the result of our review. The employee will be allowed to submit another request after solving our comments- if any.

    Objective of the platform

    This platform aims to improve communication with the creditors of STSFSC and the creditors of Maan Al-Sanea, who have accepted claims, and to facilitate the repayment of creditors’ claims.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is the creditor who can activate and authenticate his account?

    C. Any creditor who previously submitted a claim to the Trustee, and his/her claim has been accepted fully or partially, will be required to register on the platform.

    Q: Can I assign a representative to register on my behalf?

    A. Yes, a legal representative can apply to the platform and benefit from the proxy services to complete the required information.

    Q: I did not submit my claim, can I register on the platform?

    Those who do not submit their claims can’t register on the platform. You can submit your claim to the Trustee at ( [email protected]).

    Q: I am currently outside Saudi Arabia and do not have an account on the Absher, can I register on the platform and provide the required information?

    C. Only labor creditors (who reside outside the Kingdom) will be allowed to register and complete the required information on the platform, however, they will be required to verify their identity by recording a short video for the purpose of verifying their identity according to the instructions in the Form.

    Q: What will I benefit from activating and verifying my account on the platform?

    C. Failure to register and provide the required information on the platform will result in suspending or delaying the payments of your claim.

    Q: when is the last day of registration and completing the missing information?

    c. The deadline will be 30 days from the date of 30 July 2023 to 30 August 2023.

    Q: When is the expected start of payment to employees?

    Question. What is the expected date for starting payments to employees?

    c. The timing of employee payment will depend on the completion of the verification procedures and the completion of the required documents on this platform.