The online platform
for registering and documenting creditors' accounts for the purpose of voting on the reorganization proposal for Saad Al mobty & partners contracting company
Dear creditor
Due to the high number of claims and creditors of the company, and in view of the conditions of the Corona pandemic and the precautionary measures established by the competent authorities, it was decided to vote on the proposal for the financial reorganization of Saad Al-Mobti & Partners Contracting Company using modern technology means as stipulated in the regulations of meeting management rules issued by the Bankruptcy Committee, In preparation for this, this electronic platform has been created to facilitate and organize the procedures for activating and documenting the accounts of the company’s creditors and verifying their identities in a manner appropriate to the current stage and precautionary measures in preparation for the implementation of voting procedures for those entitled to vote after the approval of the list of claims from the court, bearing in mind that this platform is intended only for creditors who have been issued They have recommendations from the Secretary's office for acceptance and were approved by the court, and this registration and documentation is for the purpose of preparing to vote on the company's proposal. For more information about the registration and activation steps for creditors, you can access and read the instructions by clicking on the platform's entry instructions link
If you are a creditor with a claim number issued by the trustee and have difficulty registering? You can contact the technical support email [email protected].